Youth Aid Panels in East Brandywine Township

East Brandywine Township Police is proud to announce that Youth Aid Panels will be available for first time juvenile offenders.  Volunteer community member’s help youth deal with underage drinking, curfew violations, graffiti, etc. and will help youth stay out of the criminal justice system.  The amount of training and commitment time needed to participate is minimal.  The panels are always looking for volunteers and would like you to join them.           

The panels will work collaboratively with the East Brandywine Police by offering an alternative to first time/minor juvenile offenders.  The police will refer juveniles to the panels who have committed a crime that is a first time offense and minor in nature.           

The youth must admit involvement in the offense and agree to participate in the panel process.  After receiving a referral from East Brandywine Police, the Youth Aid Panel meets with the youth and the family.  The panel clarifies the youth involvement in the offense, makes recommendations for the youth and parents and helps the family and community find other ways for the youth to get involved which benefits the community at large.  Typically, a youth will sign a contract to do community service in the neighborhood, make restitution, or complete an educational project.  Upon successful completion of the contract, the citation against the juvenile is withdrawn and no criminal records are recorded.           

The Youth Aid Panel Program is accepting applications for new panelists.  Interested residents are encouraged to contact Sergeant Gene Babetski at East Brandywine Police for an application or for more information about the Youth Aid Panel.

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