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Information on internet and device safety, in PDF format, for the following:

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Pennsylvania's New Texting and Driving Law - Effective 03/08/2012
Pennsylvania's new law prohibiting texting while driving takes efect at 12:01 am on Mar 3. The new law prohibits any driver from operating a vehicle while using an interactive wireless communications device to send, read or write a text-based communication while the vehicle is in motion.

Pennsylvania's Stronger Teen Driver Law - Effective 12/24/2011
Pennsylvania's new law aimed at increasing safety for young drivers takes effect at 12:01 am on Dec 24. The new law increases behind-the-wheel training requirements, places a limit on the number of passengers a young driver can transport and makes not wearing a seatbelt a primary offense for young drivers.

Receiving a Recording when Calling 911 - Do Not Hang Up
Occasionally, usually during severe storms with wide-spread power outages, more 911 calls are made than can be answered. During these times, after a few rings the caller will receive a recorded message letting the caller know that they have dialed 911 and all telecommunicators are busy. The recording wil instruct the caller to stay on the line, except if they are calling to report a power outage.

Youth Aid Panel
East Brandywine Township is proud to announce that Youth Aid Panels will be available for first time juvenile offenders. Volunteer community member's help youth deal with underage drinking, curfew violations, graffiti, etc. and will help youth stay out of the criminal justice system. The amount of training and commitment time needed to participate is minimal. The panels are always looking for volunteers and would like you to join them.

Speed Limit Information
East Brandywine Police Department has received several inquiries by residents regarding the speed limits posted on their roadways and wishes to change the limits. Many residents are under the impression that Township officials and/or the Police have control over what speed limit is posted.

When Traffic Control Signals Are Not Functioning
Section 3112 a(3iii)c of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code states if the traffic lights at an intersection are not functioning properly for some reason, all traffic on all roadways must treat it as an all-way stop intersection.

ATVs and Snowmobile Information
East Brandywine Police has experienced an increased number of complaints regarding the operation ov ATVs and snowmobiles on private or state owned porperty. In an effort to better educate the public, I want to list some of the rules and regulations concerning the operation of these motorized vehicles as they relate to Pennsylvania state law.

New Law Requires Wipers with Headlights
Title 75 Section 4302 (Periods for Required Lighted Lamps), (a)(3) "any time when the vehicle's windshield wipers are in continuous or intermittent use due to precipitation or atmostpheric moisture, including rain, snow, sleet or mist."

Vehicle Registration Renewal
Motor vehicle registrations can be completed online at PennDOT's website: You will need to provide information from your current registration, your current insurance and you will need a valid credit card.
Note: requires printer for temporary registration.

Change of Address
A driver's license or photo ID change of address can be completed online at PennDOT's website: You will need to provide your current license or ID number and you will need a valid credit card.
Note: requires printer

Responding to Traffic Citations
It is important to respond to a traffic citation within 10 days. Traffic citations issued by East Brandywine Police are handled by District Court 15-4-02: 231 Boot Rd, Downingtown, PA 19335. phone: 610-455-1145.
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